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Saviour is a top down shooter game developed as part of a first year university project. It contains a single level with no time limit, the aim of the game is simply to survive as long as possible while scoring as many points as you can. You will face multiple enemy types with different abilities, and with limited resources available, how / when you use your weapons as well as search for resource pickups, means some strategy is required to achieve higher scores.

Game backstory - - - 

It's 2147, and an apocalyptic plague has left the city of Balatsi swarmed with monsters and demons which are threatening to destroy everything in their path. The plague is escalating rapidly and is now close to taking over the entire area. Resources to fight back are running low and a last resort is fast becoming the most viable option. The UWM (Unified Worldwide Militaries) believe they have located the source of the plague and have barricaded off the area. Sgt Varonis has been called in to eliminate all infected within the area and save the city.

Controls - - - 

Move up  - W / ↑

Rotate left - A / ←

Move down - S / ↓

Rotate right - D / ←

Use weapons - Left click / right click

Pause game - Space

Exit to main menu - ESC

Key features - - - 

  • Top down single player gameplay
  • Multiple enemy types
  • Primary and secondary weapons
  • Score tracking
  • Limited ammunition / health resources
  • Ammo / health / score / speed boost pickups

Install instructions

  1. Click the download link above
  2. Locate the downloaded zip folder 
  3. Unzip the downloaded file to a location of your choice
  4. Open the unzipped  folder, look for the application file to run the game


Saviour Beta.zip 23 MB

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